From Mud to Music: The Production and Uses of Clay Drums in Morocco

FIGURE 1. Screenshot from Tarija from mud to music showing the construction of a ta’rīja FIGURE 2. Ta’rīja-s of different sizes in Ahmed Rougan´s workshop (Sebt Douib) FIGURE 3. A member of the h. amādša confraternity playing a harrāz in Marrakech, during a visit of the king Mohamed VI (December 2016) FIGURE 4. Some of…

More than Fishnets & Fedoras: Filming Social Aesthetics in the Neighborhood Tango Scenes of Buenos Aires & the Making of A Common Place (2010)

Dancers Working In The Tourist Area Of Caminito, Buenos Aires Screenshots From A Common Place Showing Carlos Señorelli And Augustin Ortega Screenshot From A Common Place Showing The Outside Of “el Boliche De Roberto” In The Almagro I_1-2018_Gubner_pag-171